Composer FX Movie & Image

Composer FX Movie & Image

Add visual effects to your videos


  • Over 200 effects
  • Easy to add to movie


  • Can't save effect in trial mode


There's nothing like adding some visual effects to make your movies a bit more exciting. With Composer FX Movie & Image you have access to over 200 different ones, all very different and original.

These cover all sorts of themes and styles from Comic Book to Aquarium, Snow, TV or more. You really have to look around and try them out to see which one corresponds most to what you want to express in your movie.

Composer FX Movie & Image works with most video editing applications on Mac, such as Final Cut or iMovie'08 and adding effects is really a piece of cake.

Once your movie clip is set in your timeline, it's just a case of dropping in the effect, nothing more, nothing less. The good thing also is that these effects can be used both in movies and images.

The demo version of Composer FX Movie & Image offers a decent number of effects, 50 in all, however you won't be able to save any of them in your clip.

If you enjoy the ones included, it's probably worth paying for the full 200 effects available in the full version.

Composer FX Movie & Image is a good library of over 200 different effects, which will make your home movies a bit more original and exciting.

Composer FX Movie & Image are applications for adding visual effects to your movies and photos. It's the perfect companion program for iMovie 08, Final Cut Express and iPhoto.

Composer FX Movie and Image comes with over 200 effects that include Comic Book, Hearts, 3D Video Wall, Plasma, Glass, Sky, Aquarium, Snow, TV, Pencil and many more.

Composer FX Movie & Image


Composer FX Movie & Image

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